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Life's too short --- Skydive hard!

Thanks for visiting my site. I am an avid skydiver, who finds the sport extremely relaxing! I began jumping in 1986 in Bamberg, Germany and now have 3500 freefall jumps. I've had many home DZs to include Warm Springs, GA; Skydive Temple, TX; West Point, VA; and Camp Casey, Korea (that sucked -- only 12 jumps that year!). I spend a majority of my vacation time skydiving and am an avid competitor (when my Army career will allow me). This year I will be training for and competing in the 8-way event at the US Nationals. Please visit some of the sites below. The 4th Dimension was a 4-way team I was on in 1998.
Skydiving Accomplishments:

My Skydiving Friends
The 4th Dimension Skydive Temple Laura Parker 1999 Nationals Bosnia Pics